7 Reasons to Hire A PPC Agency

Building a successful site requires a lot of work and time. A lot of websites that are started often wind up not getting anywhere. They tend to die before anyone even knows it exists. One of the best ways to gain traffic to your site is through pay per click advertising (PPC). Pay per click goes well with SEO practices. Your efforts will be more likely to be rewarded when you use pay per click. The only problem that you need to solve is whether to have all of your PPC advertising done in house or to have it done by an agency. The following are seven reasons that you should use an agency for your PPC advertising. Saves a Bit of Time One of the things that is needed for a successful online business is time. Pay Per Click management takes up a lot of that time. There are a ton of things that need to be updated in order to run a successful adwords campaign. Among the things you need to update are keywords. You also have to constantly monitor your ad campaign. Fortunately, if you turn the work over to an agency, they will not only free up your time, but they will also handle the PPC campaign in a more efficient manner. Saves Money Time is money. Also, skill is money.

If you have no clue on running a PPC campaign, you could find yourself wasting a lot of money. An agency knows how to take your budget and make the most of it. This is often done by way of handling bid prices. There is also the targeting optimization that will minimize the irrelevant visits that you have to pay for. Meaningful Results The most important goal for PPC agencies is to make sure that their clients have a successful campaign. Your ad performances are constantly monitored in order maximize the success of your business. As a result of their efforts, your site will get only the most eligible visitors. Experience When it comes to experience, agencies have more experience with PPC advertising campaigns than others. Therefore, they have a better sense of how things work. They don’t just have book knowledge. They have hands on experience. In this case, they are comfortable and can do the job in a more efficient manner. Dedicated Support from Google PPC Agencies are usually in contact with Google. They often get their technical support from Google. As a result, any problems that they have are dealt with in quicker fashion. They also get to preview new features that are being tested.

Focus focus is a very important aspect of the PPC agency. In this case, Pay Per Click is the focus. As a result, they know everything there is to know about the method. So they have ways of bringing forth a successful campaign that you would fail to bring about due to the time and skill required that is lacking. Knowledge of SEO SEO is understood and is often a secondary offer at PPC agencies. Internet marketers have heard a lot about SEO and its importance to running a successful online business. As a matter of fact, SEO and PPC can work hand in hand for the success of your business. When you consider all of these benefits, you would see why it is a better idea of hiring a professional PPC service.

A Great Social media content strategy for businesses

Business owners know how important content is for their social channels. It is what sets the tone of your business, how others perceive you and also it is what drives new and current people back to your social media channels. One question we are asked frequently by both Fity Social Media customers and interested business owners is “what is a good content strategy that would work well for my business.”

twitter social media marketingIf you recently downloaded our Fity Social Media Free Social Media Marketing Strategy then you know exactly what type of content should be posted and how to congruently integrate content + ads + analytics. However, for those have not download the full strategy, we are going to share with you the content piece of the strategy that has proven to be successful for every type of business no matter the industry.

The first part of the strategy is knowing exactly how much content to post and when to post it. We recommend to all of our clients and community business owners to not post less than once a day but do not post more than 3 times per day. If you are posting less than once per day, the reach on your social channels is going to fall. If the reach on the social channel is low, then when you decide to put out a post none of your fans are going to even see the published post. If you are posting 3+ times per day, you are not only going to annoy your fan base, but also portray an arrogance image of self promotion. Knowing when to post your content is simple. Using analytic platforms such as Social Report, Simply Measured and SproutSocial, you can see what date and hour of the day your fans are online most. Once you have that metric, post your content at those specific times!

After you have figured out the best time to post your content, then it is time to create the content. The content creation strategy for every business should consist of three different styles of posts: Educational, promotional and engaging.

Your educational posts should include a recent article or news update about your business’ industry. With this piece of content you not only want to educate the fans about the industry. but also show your fans that you are a thought leader in the industry and know what is going on at all times.

The promotional style post is when you are promoting your own business or brand. The objective of this post should be to lead your fans and followers to your website or landing page. The more creative you are with these posts, the more likely you will have your fans opt-in to what you are asking them to do.

The last type of post in the 3 piece strategy is the engagement styled post. With this post your main objective is to grab fans and followers attention and have them in some way engage with the post. This type of post is the most popular for increasing exposure and virality on a page. These posts usually consist of a high quality image with one line of text or a question styled post with specific A, B, C answers.

If you would like to see examples of these styles of posts or if you would like to learn more about them you can download our Free Fity Social Media Social Media Marketing guide. In this guide we discuss everything from Content to Advertising.

We are offering complimentary assistance to any business owner looking to strategically plan out his or her social media content. Feel free to contact us today and we will get you setup with a Fity Social Media account executive.

Three signs your social media marketing strategy is terrible!

If you have implemented a social media marketing plan for your business then you are one step ahead of most business owners. Your company is on its way of increasing its online exposure and acquiring new customers from social media. But after a few weeks or months what happens if you are not getting the exposure you would like and there are no new customers running to the door of your business? Do you just give up and call it a day? We have good news for you. At Fity Social Media we have a large client base of businesses in hundreds of different industries. With our experience in many different industries we have seen success and struggle in just about every industry. There are many components of why some businesses will struggle on social media and others will not. Today we are going to discuss 3 signs of what makes a social media marketing strategy terrible.

You bought fake likes or followers to make your page look bigger:

This is by far the worst strategic approach you could have for your business on social media. We are always asked if this is a good tactic to use to get your page off the ground and make it look like you have a big following. If you have ever asked a Fity Social Media account manager if this is a good idea you know they will tell you no and then beg you not to buy them! Not only will this method put you at risk for page suspension but it also damages the reach on the page horribly.

You don’t post enough, or you post too much!

Posting 1-2 times per week will never help your social channels grow out and attract new fans and followers. The problem with only posting 1-2 times per week is that the reach on your content (who Facebook decides to show the post to) is going to be so low that less than 5% of all your fans will never see your post. This can be devastating to a page because you are pushing out content but on the other side no one even has the opportunity to see it. If you have seen the Fity Social Media plans you know our posts range from 1-3 per day depending on the plan. You never want to go a day without posting but at the same time you never want to post more than 3-5 times per day. If you are posting 5+ times per day your fans are going to get annoyed and unfollow your page. We know posting can be time consuming. There are many great applications out there that let you schedule content such as Hootsuite, Social Report or Buffer. Although even using those applications can take time. If you would like full social media management then give us a call.

You’re posting the wrong content or being too promotional.

One major mistake business owners make when it comes to creating and publishing content for their audience is all of the content they post is promotional content for their own business. Not only is this unattractive to potential customers but it is also extremely annoying to current customers or clients. If you downloaded our Fity Social Media Free Social Media Marketing Strategy you know that we highly recommending using three different styles of content: Educational, promotional and engagement. We show examples and go deep into detail about these different pieces of content and how you can use them to boost your page engagement and acquire new clients / customers straight from posting content.

If you would like a complimentary content analysis of your business’ social media content, feel free to contact us and we will schedule you an appointment with a Fity Social Media account executive.

What social channel should I use for advertising?

The social media industry is constantly expanding. New social channels are now coming to the marketplace every single day. Some of these social channels will capture an audience and others will never catch on. One thing is for sure, the social channels that are successful will eventually roll out a major advertising platform. Here at Fity Social Media, we always hear business owners asking the same question, “What is the best social channel to advertise a business on?” Of course the easiest answer would be to tell them Facebook or Google of course. However, that would not be 100% accurate.

At Fity Social Media we are constantly monitoring trends in all different industries of business. Having clients in hundreds of industries all around the world, we need to know what is going on at all times. When a client asks their Fity Social Media management company account manager about advertising for their industry, it gives us the opportunity to look back at past campaigns in that specific industry to see how they performed on each social channel. Based off past campaigns for other clients, we can then make a recommendation of where to start testing their advertising campaign. Although we would never fully recommend a specific channel to a client without testing all platforms, we are now able to give clients a good idea of where they should begin to advertise their business based off our past metrics in that industry.

Unless you live on Mars we all know the strongest advertising platforms overall are Facebook and Google. But how would you really know which platform to advertise on unless you have tested all of the advertising options? You really will not know where to advertise your business unless you take the time to test each platform. To start off we recommend testing Google, Facebook and Twitter. Although now with the recent release of the Pinterest advertising platform we would highly recommend adding that into the mix. All of these channels cater to a broad audience, but if you do your research, you will quickly find that you can narrow these down very specifically to a highly targeted audience that would be the ideal customer for your business.

If you would like a complimentary advertising analysis for your business, feel free to reach out and we can set you up with a Fity Social Media advertising specialist who can help you distinguish which platform would be best to advertise your business.