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To make bake tour own cake or not to bake your own cake that is the question?

It sounds kind of funny to read that title out loud and you’re on a forum that is dedicated to the industry of building with concrete Thomas stone or some other type of material this particular blog is about creating your own concrete creation. Recently on one of my websites, I posted a simple poll asking whether or not a first DIY project should be a small slab of concrete. Overwhelming, majority of responses but no period all the concrete can challenging, the basic understanding of how to do this came from baking a the cake.  Now you could be some sort of cracked Knuckles calcified monkey that’s only throwing stones and dug ditches or you can be some left-wing Baker that knows what a croissant or a bagel should taste like. But what I’m about to say next to both groups should appeal to some logic and understanding. Whether you’ve only set up concrete or bake the cake there are some basic principles that are the same. You ever bake the cake at a high-altitude they always tell you certain precautions is baking that particular cake. It’s really no different when it comes to figuring out some of the calculations on how to effectively pour concrete. It’s somewhat of a science but it’s also somewhere that are. If you make it to where it takes too long to say. If you want to stick well we’re going to go to the chiropractor because you’ve been pulling heavy weight unnecessarily all day long. Concrete itself can be challenging in the sense that you’re dealing with a very expensive material that has literally a shelf life on it. However, concrete can be forgiving you just need to know how to work with it. If concrete starts to set up add more water to it and it will slow the drying process. However during the fall and winter months most contractors in areas where snow could happen, have a tendency to add more calcium and it dries it quicker and allows it to set faster. What are the things that I was reminded of that is a direct correlation between not only baking but effectively pouring walls in concrete is the ability to get the air pockets out. When you bake a cake you pour the batter into a mold and then typically drop it a few times on the counter the air bubbles from it. This is the exact same principle when you have forms around concrete walls you just port to correct myself it would be cement when it says it’s been concrete. When it is in its cement form it’s best to walk around the sides of the walls camp or tap if you will the size of the wall removing air bubbles from it. The result of this you will see later after All set. By taking off the forms you will see that the air pockets have filled in and the aggregate has settled in a way that doesn’t make it look like it’s been Swiss cheese. Again it’s best to start with pouring small bits of concrete to gain your self-confidence and understanding to how to work with the product effectively. As again this product has a shelf life and expense that could go the wrong if your project fails. However by taking precautions ahead of time and by planning, you will be able to avoid many beginners mistakes that are costly. It’s important to always understand what the weather is going to be as that is a variable that you cannot control. Having simple things like tarps to cover up your concrete can prevent a disaster. That small bit of insurance has saved many concrete floors that my father has poured throughout his lifetime. Weather can be unpredictable and unavoidable when doing concrete pours. It’s always advisable to have a good ear to the ground when it comes to inclement weather.  By following some of the basic principles that could have been hurt by taking a small cake, you can have some very basic understanding and success if followed correctly pouring a concrete floor.

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To make bake tour own cak... It sounds kind of funny to read that title out loud and you’re on a forum that is dedicated to the industry of building with concrete Thomas

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