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Today as I am working Antonio Texas the temperature peaked out at a crisp 107 degrees. It’s very difficult to even mention the word heat a simple blog like this on a day like that however, it is important to mention that HVAC or HVAC services are a very professional that should be delivered with the up and integrity.

Recently I had the opportunity to listen to a customer who called a local HVAC company (Best Heating & Air) owned by a friend. Getting to listen to both sides of that phone call was very interesting to hear the perspective of the customer and my friend the HVAC installer. The short story goes like this the customer calls in and has a conversation with my friend about a part that another HVAC company installed for him recently. The customer had the hair on the back of his neck stand up a bit when he thought he was being overcharged. Giving due diligence and spent his time researching and finding out a bit more about the cost of that particular part and reached out to my friend for some answers. At the end of the day he went like this, the customer should have spent $150 but ended up spending $650. Now this isn’t some sort of 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year service charge that pays the premium this is a simple service call a part that is well-known to cost at the high end $150. What I’m constantly reminded, about any type of service is, that although this may not be the car industry that has that stigma of sleazy salespeople, it’s important to protect the Integrity of small business owners by being as transparent about our business and the services and practices that we employ each day. No doubt this particular customer felt like he had built trust with my friend and will be certainly calling him back directly for any service in the future. So, it doesn’t really matter if its 107 degrees here in San Antonio and your service in an air conditioner and putting the correct amount of freon in and charging only the correct amount or whether you are in the midwest dealing with furnace is breaking down and the issues related to those. The bottom line great customer service at a fair price I will get your HVAC company much further long-term. We all know those people in business that will overcharge and never quite hit critical mass. Heating and air conditioning is a public trust at this point and heating and air conditioning has now become what most people believe is a right. simply stated most Americans believe it is merely an entitlement. However what we do know in the heating and air conditioning businesses that we can certainly help make life more comfortable, and even in some cases we have certainly been credited with prolonging life. The bottom line is if we charge a fair price our customers will come back and we will keep from that negative connotation that has always played the car sales business. If you have any comments about HVAC were any customers or situations that you have encountered please feel free to comment this is an open blog and we would love to hear from you.

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